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A Local Lawyer Committed To Putting You First

At Becker Legal, we’re committed to doing right by our clients. Whether you’re facing a divorce or DUI, sidelined by a personal injury or seeking guidance on an appeal, you can turn to our firm for knowledgeable guidance.

Our lead attorney, Leif A. Becker, can help you with legal matters in both New Hampshire and Maine. A native of New Hampshire, he is familiar with the local courts and legal community. His advocacy skills shine in both the courtroom and in negotiations.

Learn more about our lead attorney’s background.

We’ll Look At The Big Picture To Better Meet Your Legal Needs

When you work with us at Becker Legal, we take the time to understand the big picture. Perhaps you got pulled over for a DUI because you’ve been struggling with the stress of divorce, for example. Or maybe you’re facing a domestic violence charge that could impact your custody case.


Because we practice in overlapping areas of law, we can identify the broader web of legal issues that may impact your case  and your life. We will anticipate possible complications and make sure nothing gets overlooked. This holistic approach translates to more meaningful strategies tailored to fit your needs.

What We Do

You can turn to us for help with:


  • Family law matters: Our family lawyer handles divorce, custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements and related matters.
  • Criminal cases: Here, you’ll find a criminal defense attorney with valuable insight from serving in the district attorney’s office.
  • Appeals: Our appellate law attorney handles appellate law involving civil litigation and criminal cases.
  • Personal injury: As civil litigation attorneys, we handle cases involving car accidents and other types of injuries.

No matter what kind of legal issue you’re facing, you can count on us.

How We Do It

When you work with our firm, you can expect friendly, professional service. You can expect to be treated with compassion and respect. Here, you will find a trusted ally – an attorney you can rely on when the going gets tough.


We will always put your best interests first. By working collaboratively with you to understand your unique situation, we can better strategize a solution that makes sense for you.

Free Consultations And Affordable Flat Fees

Financial constraints shouldn’t keep you from getting legal help that could be life-changing. We strive to provide affordable representation. To that end, we offer free consultations, flat fees and flexible payment arrangements.


Get started today by calling 603-259-6726 or by reaching out online to request your free consultation.