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A Criminal Defense Attorney You Want By Your Side

The criminal justice system can be incredibly intimidating. When you’re facing charges that could impact your driving privileges, your background history or even your freedom, you need a knowledgeable ally by your side to look out for you. At Becker Legal, we’ll look out for you.


Our lead lawyer has strong trial skills and is a powerful negotiator. Having served in the district attorney’s office, he understands how prosecutors approach criminal cases. This experience gives him insight into how to build a strong defense. He’s the kind of attorney you want by your side when the stakes are high.

We Can Help You Fight Charges In New Hampshire Or Maine

Based in Portsmouth, we handle criminal cases in both New Hampshire and Maine. You can reach out to us for help with any kind of criminal charge, including:


  • Major traffic violations: Our traffic violations attorney handles everything from speeding to reckless driving to driving without a license.
  • Violent crimes and weapons offenses: You can rely on us when your freedom is on the line.
  • DUI/DWI: Our DUI/DWI lawyer can help you fight charges ranging from a first-time offense to a repeat charge to negligent homicide involving driving while intoxicated.
  • Property crimes: We handle cases ranging from shoplifting to burglary, trespassing, arson and other theft-related offenses.
  • Domestic violence: Our domestic violence attorney can help you navigate the charges as well as related issues like protective orders.
  • Juvenile crimes: We’ll work tirelessly to protect your child’s future.
  • Drug offenses: Our drug offenses lawyer handles everything from possession to trafficking.
  • Appeals: Challenging a trial court ruling can be an uphill battle. We understand the intricacies of appellate law.
  • Expungements: We can help you determine whether you qualify for expunging a criminal record and assist you with the process.

No matter the type of charge you’re facing, here, you’ll find a capable ally who will work hard for you.

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