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Paternity Lawyer Concord, NH

paternity lawyer Concord, NH

Your Dedicated Paternity Attorneys

Whether you are hoping to establish paternity or dispute claims of paternity, our Concord, NH paternity lawyer is here to help you. We know that paternity cases can be frustrating and emotionally charged experiences. Our attorneys will provide the grounded and compassionate counsel and representation that you deserve.

With over 10 years of combined experience assisting clients with various family law cases in New Hampshire and Maine, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process of establishing or disputing paternity. Our satisfied clients appreciate our “knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated” service as well as the “personal touch” that we strive to provide to all of our clients. Founded on a desire to protect vulnerable clients and provide affordable legal services to those who need our help, our firm is here to help you. To discuss your case with our paternity lawyer, contact Becker Legal to schedule your consultation.

Assistance For Clients Looking To Establish Or Dispute Paternity

If you are a father hoping to establish your paternity of a child, our Concord paternity attorney can help you with the process of taking a paternity test. In the aftermath of a test that confirms paternity, we can help you take the proper steps. Our team can help you establish a custody agreement, secure visitation rights, determine child support, and ensure that all laws and requirements are followed by all parties involved. If you are a man seeking to deny claims of paternity, we can also provide legal support. If you have taken an erroneous test, we can provide the representation that you need to appeal any court ruling and protect your rights.

Our lawyer can also help you if you are a mother seeking to establish another person’s paternity. Our New Hampshire paternity lawyer will help you file a petition in pursuit of a court order to establish paternity. If the test proves that they are the father of the child, we can provide assistance with establishing child support and custody agreements as well as with examining their assets, insurance, and medical records. Our experienced paternity lawyers understand the laws surrounding questions of paternity and custody in New Hampshire and will help you exhaust all legal avenues and ensure that all important matters are addressed in the best interest of you and your child.

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We know that questions of paternity can lead to a difficult and emotional time for our clients. Whether you are looking to establish your paternity, dispute claims of paternity, or establish the paternity of another person, our team can provide the experienced guidance and legal service that you need. We will lead you through all the necessary legal steps for your case and advocate for the rights and interests of yourself and your child throughout the entire process. For more information on how our attorneys can assist you with your paternity case, contact Becker Legal today to schedule your free and confidential consultation.