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Challenging A Lower Court Decision On Appeal

Judges don’t always get it right. The law is complex, and there are countless gray areas. That means if a court ruled against you, their decision might not be the end of the road. You may have grounds for overturning it on appeal.


Navigating a successful appeal can be challenging. The law and procedures are complicated. As a result, not all attorneys handle appeals.


At Becker Legal, our appellate law attorney understands the intricacies of this sophisticated area of the law. You can turn to us for trusted representation on appeals involving criminal cases – such as domestic violence and drug crimes – as well as civil litigation. Located in Portsmouth, we handle appeals in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

How We Can Help You Pursue A Strong Appeal

To bring a successful appeal, you must have sufficient legal grounds for challenging the lower court’s decision. Those grounds depend on the type of case you have. Examples include:


  • Misinterpretation or misapplication of the law
  • Violations of certain constitutional rights
  • Abuse of discretion (meaning the judge acted outside their scope of authority)
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel (in criminal cases, meaning your trial lawyer was incompetent)
  • Insufficient evidence (in criminal cases)

Our lawyer can evaluate your case and determine which grounds apply. By conducting a thorough review of the court records, we can pinpoint where the trial court went astray and strategize the strongest grounds for appeal.

Why Appeals Are Different – And Why We’re Well Positioned To Represent You

Unlike at the trial court level, appeals are conducted largely in writing. Your lawyer must have the skill set to prepare persuasive legal briefs for the appellate court at the state and federal level. In cases that involve appearing before the court for oral argument, your lawyer must know how to present a strong position in a high-pressure setting.


When you work with Becker Legal, you can trust that your appeal is in good hands. Our attorney knows how to prepare powerful written briefs, deliver strong oral arguments and navigate complex appellate procedures.

Learn More About Appeals During A Free Consultation

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