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Criminal Defense And Attorney-Client Privilege 

If you are facing criminal charges, your trusted Portsmouth, NH criminal defense lawyer knows that you may want to understand more about attorney-client privilege. When facing such charges, you may be scared of how your future will turn out. You know that you are not supposed to talk with police officers because what you say could be used against you. However, is the same thing true of speaking with your lawyer? Attorney-client privilege is a fundamental legal principle. This encourages you to be open and honest with your lawyer so that they can effectively represent you. For help with your criminal charges, reach out to Becker Legal now.

What Are Attorney-client Privileges? 

The attorney-client privilege protects the client so that they can be honest in their communication with their lawyer. The discussions they have, the information they share, or the advice they get from their lawyer will remain between the client and the lawyer. This privilege extends to both written and oral communication. Your Portsmouth criminal defense lawyer can tell you more about this. 

How Does This Impact Your Criminal Case? 

Understandably, when you are facing criminal charges, you want to know if you can trust your lawyer. There are many ways that attorney-client privilege can affect your criminal case. 

  • It builds a strong defense. When you are open with your lawyer knowing that there is an assurance of confidentiality, your lawyer will be able to provide you with strong and effective legal representation. This allows them to explore potential defense strategies as well as develop arguments that will best suit your case. 
  • It prevents self-incrimination. The attorney-client privilege will protect you from inadvertently incriminating yourself. When you know that what you say to your lawyer is done in confidence, you will not fear that the information you share will be used against you by the prosecution. 
  • It is a lawyer’s ethical obligation. You can rest assured that your lawyer has a legal and ethical obligation to uphold attorney-client privilege. There are very few circumstances where a lawyer would be required to disclose confident information that their client gave them without consent. In these circumstances, it is important to speak with your lawyer and learn what may require them to do so. 

Criminal Defense Infographic

Common Ways That Attorney-Client Privilege Can Affect Your Criminal Case Infographic

How Far-reaching Is Attorney-client Privilege?

Many people may think that a lawyer will never breach this privilege. However, it is important to understand that if a client tells their lawyer they intend to commit a future crime or harm someone else, then a lawyer has the right to share certain information with a third party to prevent this from happening. 

Who Can I Turn To? 

When you need help with your criminal charges, you should not be scared that you cannot speak candidly with your lawyer. Instead, trust that your lawyer will work to get you a brighter future and will aggressively defend you in court. If you need help with the criminal charges that you are up against, reach out to Becker Legal to see how we can help. Our Portsmouth criminal defense lawyer is ready for your call. 

Facing A Criminal Defense Case: Understanding The Personal Impact

A criminal case can affect your life in many ways, but your Portsmouth, NH criminal defense lawyer can help you rebuild. Read on to learn more about the aftermath of criminal charges, and get in touch with Becker Legal to get started with your case.

The Emotional Toll Of Criminal Charges

The experience of facing criminal charges can be emotionally overwhelming. Many individuals report feelings of anxiety, fear, and even shame. This emotional toll can affect not only the person charged but also their loved ones, creating a ripple effect that impacts daily life and relationships.

The Stress Of Navigating The Legal System

For most people, the legal system is a labyrinth of complex procedures and unfamiliar terms. Navigating this system while dealing with criminal charges can be incredibly stressful. The uncertainty of outcomes, the wait for court dates, and the preparation for hearings can often feel like a heavy burden. Fortunately, your Portsmouth criminal defense lawyer can help you find a way forward.

Impact On Work And Social Life

Criminal defense cases can also have a significant impact on a person’s work and social life. The time required for court appearances and meetings with lawyers can lead to missed work, while the stigma of criminal charges can strain social relationships. This can lead to feelings of isolation and can even affect professional reputation and career prospects.

Financial Strain Of Legal Defense

Legal defense comes with a cost, and for many, this financial strain is one of the most immediate concerns. From attorney fees to potential fines or bail, the financial implications can be substantial. This aspect often adds an additional layer of stress to an already challenging situation.

The Challenge Of Keeping Life On Track

Amidst a criminal defense case, one of the biggest challenges is keeping life on track. Balancing everyday responsibilities with the demands of the legal process requires resilience and support. It’s a time when maintaining a semblance of normalcy becomes a daily struggle.

Long-Term Consequences And Rehabilitation

Beyond the immediate effects, criminal defense cases can have long-term consequences. For those who are convicted, this might mean dealing with a criminal record, which can affect future employment opportunities, housing options, and more. Rehabilitation and reintegration into society can be an ongoing process.

Finding Support During Trying Times

In these trying times, finding support is crucial. This support can come from various sources: family and friends, counselors, support groups, or legal professionals. Having a support system can make a significant difference in managing the stress and emotional impact of a criminal defense case.

Moving Forward: Life After A Criminal Case

Regardless of the outcome, moving forward after a criminal case is a journey in itself. It’s about rebuilding, learning from the experience, and, in some cases, making necessary changes in life. For many, it’s a time of reflection and personal growth.

Seek Guidance And Support

If you or someone you know is facing a criminal defense case, remember that it’s important to seek guidance and support. Dealing with the personal impact of such a case is not something to do alone. Get in touch with Becker Legal today, and see how a Portsmouth criminal defense lawyer from our office can help.

Five Common Types Of Criminal Defense Cases

Navigating the legal system can be challenging, especially when facing criminal charges, but our Portsmouth, NH criminal defense lawyer can help make the process easier for you. Our team specializes in a variety of criminal defense cases, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible representation. Below, we outline five common types of criminal defense cases, highlighting the nuances of each and how a criminal defense lawyer can provide essential support if you are facing these charges. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of criminal charges a criminal defense lawyer can assist with. To discuss your specific case and the best path forward for you, contact our team at Becker Legal today.

DUI/DWI Charges

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases are common but serious criminal charges. They can result in hefty fines, license suspension, and even jail time. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can challenge the traffic stop’s legality, the accuracy of the breathalyzer test, or negotiate for reduced penalties. Effective legal representation is crucial for protecting your rights and potentially mitigating the consequences of these charges.

Drug-Related Offenses

Drug-related offenses can range from simple possession to trafficking and manufacturing. These charges carry varying degrees of severity and potential penalties. A Portsmouth criminal defense lawyer can play a pivotal role in these cases, possibly challenging the evidence’s validity, the legality of the search and seizure, or advocating for rehabilitation programs in lieu of incarceration. Professional legal advice is vital in navigating the complexities of drug-related offenses and understanding the best courses of action to take when facing charges.

Assault and Battery Charges

Assault and battery charges are taken seriously by the courts and can have long-lasting consequences. Defending such cases often involves scrutinizing the evidence, identifying self-defense scenarios, or questioning the credibility of witnesses. A criminal defense lawyer’s knowledge and experience is crucial in these cases to ensure a fair trial and to work towards the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of the incident.

Theft and Burglary Offenses

Theft and burglary offenses cover a broad spectrum of activities, from shoplifting to grand larceny. These cases require a detailed examination of the evidence and the intent behind the alleged crime. An experienced Portsmouth criminal defense lawyer can effectively navigate these cases, potentially arguing for lesser charges, advocating for restitution over incarceration, or questioning the evidence’s integrity.

White-Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes, including fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering, often involve complex financial transactions and legal intricacies. Defending against these charges requires a lawyer with specific experience in financial laws and forensic accounting. A criminal defense lawyer can dissect the prosecution’s case, negotiate settlements, or argue for reduced sentencing based on mitigating factors.

Our Committed Representation

Our team  understands the gravity of facing criminal charges and the impact it can have on your life. Our team of skilled criminal defense lawyers is committed to providing robust legal representation, ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, don’t hesitate to reach out today. Contact Becker Legal to schedule a consultation, and let us guide you through the complexities of the criminal justice system with experience and compassion.